"RECYCLING COORDINATOR That person appointed by the Mayor to coordinate the recycling program, to arrange for the marketing and/or appropriate disposal of collected items, and to perform educational and informational functions."-Troy City Code, Section 234-2

Currently, the duties of Recycling Coordinator, as defined in City Code (above) fall onto the already-fulltime Deputy Commissioner of Public Works, who is also the City’s Solid Waste Manager. The CWG-C recommends that the City Council appoint a separate Recycling and Composting Coordinator to handle these duties, so as to make recycling and composting high priorities with increased capacity to handle recommended initiatives.

The DEC is authorized under the State Assistance Programs for Waste Reduction, Recycling and Household Hazardous Waste Programs to provide state assistance for Recycling Coordinator salaries and for public education programs conducted by municipalities[1]. This funding can help expand local recycling and waste reduction programs and increase participation.

Specific Recommendation

  • Hire a Recycling and Composting Coordinator to oversee and expand education, enforcement, and materials recycled and reused, paid for by DEC match and savings from decreased tipping expenses.

3.3.1 // Recycling and Composting Coordinator

The "Improving Recycling in Troy" report put together by Troy residents in 2000 offers specific recommendations for improving the diversion rate of recyclable materials. Among these recommendations is the hiring of a Recycling Coordinator for the City. In their report, it is the duty of the Recycling Cordinator to "oversee the program, conduct community outreach, ensure quality control and enforcement, and coordinate research and use of recycling and composting markets. This position is critical to improving the recycling system in Troy. Having a manager whose only concern is improving and running the recycling program will increase its efficiency and improve the City’s overall recycling rate"[2].

Many municipalities and counties in this region, including Albany, Schenectady, Bethlehem, Colonie and Coeymans, as well as Delaware and Columbia Counties, have city officials whose full-time job is the oversight and promotion of recycling operations. The CWG-C recommends hiring such an official, and expanding the job description to include oversight of the composting system.
A Recycling and Composting Coordinator will be responsible for:
  • Monitoring recycling and composting programs.
  • Public education (preparation and dissemination of materials, answering questions, promoting the benefits of waste reduction, reuse, and recycling, etc.). Increased community interaction will also help identify and resolve problem areas.
  • Working to maximize waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting opportunities. This can provide a competitive advantage to businesses by helping them save money through reduced purchases, increased efficiency, greater energy conservation and a reduction in the amount of waste that needs collection and disposal.
  • Working to enhance, expand and create markets for recyclables and compost from municipal organics.

An effective Recycling and Composting Coordinator will cover the position’s salary by increasing the recycling rate and revenues, and reducing tax dollars spent on landfill tipping fees[3].

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