I'm following up on Wednesday's CWG-Composting meeting; in particular
the call for suggestions on future citizens working groups. I support
many of those offered at the meeting, and I especially liked the
public transit/trolley idea. Here are three more that I would like to
see the community take under consideration:

o establishment of a downtown commons - AFAIK, there is not publicly owned general purpose indoor community space in Downtown Troy. Such a space could potentially house a number of services, for example:

- an open marketplace, maybe along the lines of a producer-consumer cooperative
- office space for community initiatives, such as Troy Shares
- media infrastructure (printing, audio/video production, Internet-based services)
- public restrooms

Proctor's maybe? I could imagine a surge of capital donations and volunteer labor being brought to bear on the restoration of this classic Troy edifice, if only it were cast as belonging to the citizenry.</li>

o preferential balloting/instant run-off voting - To the limited extent that I've already looked into this, it seems there are a number of fine points to be considered in actually implementing this sort of voting policy. It's just the sort of thing into which a CWG could sink it's teeth.

o regionalization - This one begs for a more specificity, but it seems obvious to me that there are some important issues that are neither wholly contained by nor wholly addresseable within the City's mostly arbitrary geopolitical boundary.